I specialize in designing evidence-based user experiences for multi-channel interfaces.
My 13 years' industry background covers design thinking, user research, prototyping, interaction & visual design, but also leading teams and developing interfaces. I'm currently leading UX for SDL Language Technologies translation supply ecosystem that helps over 200K users increase productivity & quality of their work.

I facilitate creative workshops and collaborate with product & marketing departments to definite innovative solutions and test assumptions through user research. I prototype, create interaction & visual designs, conduct usability testing, perform iterative reviews of the implemented interfaces, with multiple development teams following the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). I'm also a passionate contributor to our design community, striving to grow a mature design thinking culture in my entire organization.
Adela-Lia Mureşan
Adela-Lia Mureşan
Senior UX Designer

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User-Centered Design for a Complex Product

In this post I talk about user-centered design and how I applied it to one of SDL's complex and feature-rich language technology products. I successfully designed for the needs of the over 200k consumers remembering all the people - translation specialists - that I have met in the past year and who have shared with me what is crucial for them and what makes them more efficient in their work. Since I have never been a translator or a translation manager, it was crucial for me to be able to empathize with the challenges that they are facing every day and this directly impacted my ability to advocate for them in design meetings and product reviews.
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Philipp Engel, Director of User Experience @ SDL

I had the pleasure of working with Adela several years, first as colleagues, and later as her direct manager. She counts to the exceptional user experience professionals who managed to master the whole spectrum from product strategy, user research, interaction design, all the way to visual UI design incl. discussing implementation details with the development teams. Her main interest and where she brought the most value to SDL however, was in performing usability studies and extensive user research, and together with product management, translating the result into solid product and experience strategies. She applied a variety of design thinking methods and workshops on an organisational scale, and through those, established herself as the unquestioned UX expert and go-to design and product thinker for the translation productivity domain. It was a great pleasure working with Adela and I was deeply impressed by her professional attitude and her top quality standards in everything she does. I was also amazed by her ability to bring people from different professional backgrounds, cultures, and geographical locations together on an ongoing basis, and form product communities that increasingly improved the products she was responsible for. I can highly recommend Adela as a senior UX professional and as an amazing colleague.

Orlando Oliveira, UX Strategist @ SDL

It was a great pleasure to work with Adela both at professional and personal level. Adela is a great UX designer, talented and super motivated, she not only works tirelessly to accomplish any project she works on, but she also effectively manages the different aspects of different tasks. The most incredible aspect of Adela is her methodical approach to research before any decisions are made, this helped inform colleagues and senior stakeholders. At SDL she developed the personas templates, introduced interview methodologies and research standards that I’ve been using ever since. Flawless on the job, she is able to transmit its sympathy when she works in a team, but above all she has a methodical approach to design. She always has a great attitude that helps to ease the work and build a great work environment. I would happily recommend her work with no hesitation.

Scott Darcy, UX Designer @ SDL

Adela's ability to get down to the base needs of the users shows in all aspects of her work. She takes great pride in her work when it comes leading projects that benefit the whole team. It is always a pleasure to go a workshop that she leads or to help her in any projects. Her product and user expertise clearly show when she is providing guidance and leadership to other designers working in the same part of the product portfolio. Adela is always a pleasure to work with and I genuinely look forward to collaborating on any project with her.

Sebastian Florian, Managing Director @ Arxia

Adela has very good communication skills which makes her a reliable candidate for project management positions.

Vasile Selever, Product Manager @ Wirtek

Adela is the kind of person who's work definitely makes the difference on the projects she is assigned to. Two strong areas of expertise should be mentioned: professional design and usability.

Ciprian Sorlea, Dev Manager @ SDL

I had the pleasure to work with Adela and always appreciated her talent and expertise when it came to web design, usability and user experience. Also her always proactive attitude was a very good asset for the entire team.

Cristian Moga, PHP Dev @ Arxia

Adela has efficient project and team management skills, she is a highly creative designer and she is very good with HTML, CSS and javascript. She is altogether a great person to work with and a true teammate.

Vlad Mera, .NET Dev @ Small Footprint

Adela is an intelligent and reliable team player, with great skills in the UX field and a very talented designer. It was a pleasure to work with her due to her proactive and positive attitude, her design vision and excellent implementation skills with respect to CSS and HTML.

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